Lauren Brown in Potts Point

An old friend of mine, Lauren Brown - world travelled model and real stayer in the Australian fashion circuit, was in town for a week. After a few failed attempts at teeing up a shoot, we managed to pull together a location and team at the last minute. 2hrs was all we had, in one of Sydney's premiere appartments in Potts Point. An apartment that we somehow managed to wrangle through a PR agency with the promise that I then shoot a barber's salon for them- it was a done deal! 

With Aimie Fiebig @aimiefiebig on hair and makeup and the beautiful Millicent Fox from @my.milly in charge of the styling we had a great team. 

The apartment was full of exotic art and was so beautifully set out it was a dream to shoot in. The enclosed balcony looked out over Rushcutters Bay and as the sun went down the light became more and more beautiful though the main windows to the north west.