Grand Canyon

A short time ago we visited the Grand Canyon - my 2nd trip there and both times i was blown away. 

Over the years in between my visits the local government had opened the Skywalk, sounds great, but purely a tourist blowout.  We stopped off and waited in line to check out the view, however with a 2 hour wait and a massive price tag we opted to give it a miss and head to the south rim. 

This was a fairly massive call as the drive was about 6 hours, however, more than worth it. Abit of pre planning probably wouldn’t have gone a stray in the department but we were on our way to Flagstaff anyway so it was pretty much en route.

We pulled into the national park and paid the $30USD or whatever it was, the drive in was spectacular, being winter there was snow scattered amongst the trees and the rivers were flowing, it was incredible.

The main lookout has a information hut, and doesn’t disappoint, also adds as a safe haven from the freezing temperatures. It was about -4 degrees celsius and the paths were icy and snow capped all the trees and roofs. There was a total of 6 people and 4 massive elk at the lookout, not a line or tour bus in sight.

Forever my favourite place, especially in the winter, Grand Canyon, you beauty.